“The GLHF Pledge”

glhf: (Good Luck Have Fun) 1. used among video game players to express good will and good sportspersonship before the start of a match.



humans have signed this Pledge

We love video games, esports, and VR because they enable us to discover new worlds, play interesting roles, meet people from across the globe, and face exciting challenges. These experiences should be open and welcoming to all.

We believe that a diverse player community makes gaming more enjoyable and competition stronger.

If you agree, we invite you to join Oculus, Intel, and AnyKey in creating a gaming ecosystem that welcomes everyone and includes all.

By taking this pledge, you promise to be an active supporter of inclusive communities in gaming, competition, and VR.

I pledge to:

  1. Be a good sport whether I win or lose.
  2. Remember that people online and in virtual spaces are still real people.
  3. Know that my actions and words can have real impact.
  4. Speak up against hate speech, harassment, abuse, and assault of any kind.
  5. Have integrity as a player by respecting the rules, appreciating good opponents, and being a good teammate.
  6. Ask and wait for clear consent when playing in VR with others.
  7. Stop, listen, and reassess if I’m told that my words or actions have been harmful.

On behalf of the entire gaming and VR community, we thank you for using your words and actions to support a more fair and inclusive future for gaming.