For diversity, inclusion, and fairness in competitive gaming.

Become An Affiliate

Become An Affiliate

Are you a competitive gamer with a story that might inspire others? Are you part of a welcoming and inclusive gaming group or community that we should know about? Are you a streamer who shares our belief that mutual respect in a community makes gaming more enjoyable? Join us!

GLHF Pledge

GLHF Pledge

We love video games because they enable us to discover new worlds, meet people from across the globe, and face exciting challenges. If you agree these experiences should be open and welcoming to all, take the Pledge.



Stereotypes, out-dated models, and an overall lack of data remain persistent issues when we think about participation in esports. AnyKey wants to help the scene do better.

For the fair and inclusive future of gaming.

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The GLHF Pledge

glhf: (Good Luck Have Fun) Interjection. Used among video game players to express good will and good sportspersonship before the start of a match.
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Esports for All Women

While we continue to tackle cultural and structural issues around barriers to participation, women-only tournaments are an important measure to keep talented players in the game. But it’s critical to recognize that these tournaments should be for all women, cis and trans.

Mental Health Awareness Month: Rise Above the Disorder

Before the end of Mental Health Awareness month, we want to shine a light on Rise Above the Disorder, an AnyKey Affiliate and important mental health assistance community in gaming.

Welcoming New MIT Research Associate Johanna Brewer

Announcing: Johanna Brewer to join the AnyKey team as a Research Associate at MIT!

New Affiliates: FGC Edition

This special FGC edition of new AnyKey Affiliates showcases some of the great players, teams, and programs that are supporting underrepresented FGC competitors.

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