Stereotypes, out-dated models, and an overall lack of data remain persistent issues when we think about participation in esports. AnyKey wants to help the scene do better.

The research side of AnyKey works to bring experts to the table to leverage their knowledge, experience, and insights to tackling challenges in the space – from critical issues around harassment to understanding diverse audiences and players. Through our workshops we spend time deeply exploring a particular issue and offer productive, actionable take-aways. Public live-streamed panels provide an opportunity to share these thematic deep dives; sharing knowledge and creating larger conversations around solutions.

In addition, we field on-the-ground research to generate new insights into players, audiences, and industry. Research continues to demonstrate that old stories about what kinds of gaming and leisure people undertake is a fast moving target. Part of what AnyKey seeks to do is provide up-to-date, data-driven interventions to understanding what participation in esports can, and could, look like with an eye toward issues of equity and vibrant participation across diverse communities.