Affiliates Program

If you are a streamer, community organizer, team manager, or competitive player who would like to help represent the cause of healthy, happy, and inclusive spaces in esports, please contact us! We recently launched an Affiliates program to help support and amplify positive leaders in the competitive gaming community. If you are interested, please send us your name, contact info, preferred social media, and a brief introduction.

Resource Suggestions

If you know of a great resource relevant to any group of underrepresented gamers, please contact us with your resource suggestion! Underrepresented gamers could include girls and women, LGBTQ players, players of color, players with disabilities, and more.


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We are excited to promote and grow diverse communities in competitive gaming! We would be happy to answer questions about press, tournaments, research, and our initiatives. Fill out the contact form to the left with your details.

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