The XO Academy is an intensive 4 week training program designed to help elevate the game and the name of passionate women competitors in the FGC.
Our 4 week program includes the following:
  • Scheduled practice sessions
  • Assistance with Streaming & Content Creation
  • Weekly Video Updates
  • Training Sessions with a Handpicked Coach
  • Personalized Training with our Special Skills Team
  • Paid Entry to Local Tournaments
  • Travel and Entry to a Major Tournament
Who are we looking for?
Women fighting game players with a passion and dedication to compete. Our program will require you to dedicate up to 20 hours per week to training, special sessions, local events, and more. This program will work best with flexible schedules. We will also follow your journey from start to finish through content creation! At the end of your four weeks, we will also cover your travel and expenses to the next major tournament!