Born and raised in Illinois, Jeannail Carter is a practicing artist and a competitive TEKKEN player. During her childhood, she spent countless hours drawing and painting, taking inspiration from books and video games. As she grew older, Jeannail realized that creating works of art was her passion, and she pursued it as a career. But creating art was not her only love; Jeannail was also passionate about gaming.

From adventure games like Kingdom Hearts to horror games like Resident Evil, Jeannail was always immersed in a video game. The worlds she experienced in those video games were worlds she sought to create in her art. With that as motivation, Jeannail attended the Illustration program at Northern Illinois University for three years. In her free time, Jeannail practiced and competed in her favorite fighting game TEKKEN. She had grown up with TEKKEN, so she was naturally drawn to competing in the game.

At the start of 2018, ELEAGUE invited her to become a team captain in the ELEAGUE TEKKEN Team Takedown in Atlanta. She led her team to victory, taking out four of the Takedown’s hardest opponents all while on national television. Her success at the event marked Jeannail’s momentous rise in the Fighting Games Community, which allowed her more opportunities to compete and also bring awareness to specific topics she felt strongly about, such as racial diversity and women’s representation, in the gaming industry.

In May of 2018, Jeannail graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art/Illustration. With a nationally televised big tournament win and a college diploma in hand, Jeannail was ready to take on the world.

It was then when Jeannail was approached by Equinox Gaming. Equinox Gaming is a North American gaming team with professional TEKKEN players and a stream team with various talents from a variety of games. Jeannail loved the emotional support and professionalism the team provided, so she accepted the offer. After joining Equinox, Jeannail competed in three major tournaments: Canada Cup, the TEKKEN World Tour Finals Last Chance Qualifier, and Kumite in Tennessee — and all of these events, she placed within the Top 4. Thanks to Equinox, Jeannail gained valuable tournament experience. In addition, Jeannail improved immensely as a player due to the traveling and the opportunities to compete with other high level players. Her success was clear: Jeannail placed in the Top 8 consistently at tournaments and made a name for herself as one of the strongest TEKKEN players in North America.

But her competitive spirit is not exclusive to TEKKEN. Jeannail also competes and creates in the world of art. Jeannail is an expert as using PrismaColor Pencil. With this medium, she has mastered utilizing unique color choices while evoking deep moods. Jeannail has earned awards for her work from galleries such as the Naperville Art League in Illinois and the Helen Merritt Award. Jeannail has also sold her work in the Peace of Art Gallery.