AnyKey has been extremely active on a number of fronts over the last two years. In addition to sponsoring several women-only professional tournaments we have held a number of private stakeholder workshops, fielded research at live events, produced white papers, run a number of activations at gaming conventions, hosted public panels, profiled role-models, offered consultations to other organizations or formally supported them, and built an affiliate program.

One of the foundational principles of AnyKey is our commitment to work at a range of levels, via a variety of approaches, and with organizations we can partner with to help amplify their work. While there have long been women-only tournaments in esports, we believe real growth in diversity and inclusion, as well as long-lasting cultural change, will only be achieved by addressing the symbolic and organizational – this means everything from prompting role models to how events are structured. This report contains an overview of our activities over the last two years.


Read the full report HERE.