We are happy to welcome a few more inspiring Affiliates to our program this spring, while also celebrating the new organizational home of one of our esports Affiliate teams!

There are many individuals, communities, and esports teams already doing great things in gaming to champion diversity, inclusion, and great sportsmanship. Our hope is that the Affiliates Program can help to raise the visibility of these excellent role models while also providing our community with more options for positive and welcoming spaces to play.

If you would like to submit yourself, your community, or your team as a possible Affiliate, please do contact us, and be sure to join us on Discord to say hi! We are growing this program slowly but surely.

Learn more about our newest Affiliates here and on our Affiliates page.




Chris (aka Phoenix) is a deaf gamer, accessibility advocate, and Twitch broadcaster raising deaf awareness & gaming accessibility (ie. subtitles) through his streams.

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Desoladies is a supportive, female-focused organization designed to unite, promote, and advocate for women in the Dota 2 scene. Desoladies encourages diversity and inclusivity in the Dota 2 scene by providing unique, interesting, and uplifting content and conversation. The organization both creates and promotes opportunities for women in the Dota 2 scene. Join us at desoladies.com/apply.

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We’re happy to celebrate the new Team Dignitas women’s Counter-Strike team, formerly Selfless Gaming and Team Karma. As one of the best respected and most well-established esports organizations in the world, we are thrilled to see them make this investment in the future of women in esports. We hope they are only the first of the biggest esports teams to take this step.

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