Within the global scope of competitive gaming, the Fighting Game Community (FGC) has long been one of the more diverse and accessible communities. This special FGC edition of new AnyKey Affiliates showcases some of the great players, teams, and programs that are supporting underrepresented FGC competitors.

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Combo Queens

Gathering the strongest women in the world, we are the Combo Queens! Our goal is to encourage female fighting game players to attend events and compete in the games they love.

Combo Queens hosts meetups at major events across the USA to bring the women of the fighting game community together. We likewise host gaming sessions, workshops, and summits in an effort to make our girls feel comfortable, giving them a chance to hone their skills in an encouraging environment.


Jeannail “Cuddle Core” Carter

At the start of 2018, ELEAGUE invited her to become a team captain in the ELEAGUE TEKKEN Team Takedown in Atlanta. She led her team to victory, taking out four of the Takedown’s hardest opponents all while on national television. Her success at the event marked Jeannail’s momentous rise in the Fighting Games Community, which allowed her more opportunities to compete and also bring awareness to specific topics she felt strongly about, such as racial diversity and women’s representation, in the gaming industry.

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Equinox Gaming

Equinox Gaming is an esports organization and gaming lifestyle brand founded by Emily Tran and Timothy Kauffman. Focusing on Fighting Games, Equinox Gaming works closely with up-and-coming talent to become well-rounded, championship caliber athletes in their fields. With one of the most diverse rosters in esports, Equinox Gaming celebrates diversity and inclusion, values each individual’s unique background and story, and fosters the courage to break down barriers, be different, and make a positive impact on the esports community.




The XO Academy is an intensive 4 week training program designed to help elevate the game and the name of passionate women competitors in the FGC.

We are looking for women fighting game players with a passion and dedication to compete. Our program will require you to dedicate up to 20 hours per week to training, special sessions, local events, and more. This program will work best with flexible schedules. We will also follow your journey from start to finish through content creation! At the end of your four weeks, we will also cover your travel and expenses to the next major tournament!

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