Happy New Year! We’re starting off 2017 by honoring a few more wonderful individuals and organizations who support diversity and inclusion in gaming communities just by doing what they do.

Follow them online, watch their streams, and participate in their events! For example, the Smash Sisters are at Genesis 4 at the San Jose Convention Center this weekend (January 20-22). If you’re in the area, go cheer on their competitive and casual crew battle tournaments and meet a fantastic community of women gamers.

We plan to pick up the pace on adding new Affiliates to our AnyKey Affiliate Network as this year progresses, but for now, we encourage you to get to know the newest members of this group.

Learn more about them here or on our Affiliates page.

Ladies Of The Round Table, Inc. is a charity that seeks to inspire, educate, and equip young minds to consider a career in STEAM fields using video games and media as an entry point to pursue 21st century opportunities. We empower, inspire and recognize the next generation of STEAM professionals throughout the gaming and technology industries.

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I Need Diverse Games, via all associated platforms and members (including but not limited to: twitter, Facebook, Google+,  and other mediums) seeks to bring projects, works and research by marginalized folks to light. We also seek to discuss, analyze and critique identity and culture in video games through a multi-faceted lens rooted in intersectionality.

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Steph “Oddish” Loehr is an adorably ferocious trans-girl gamer with infinite ambition. Twitch Partner. Streams regularly at the Grand Master level in Heroes of the Storm, with a focus on a welcoming, positive atmosphere, and vibrant community.

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Online SOS provides free, professional services and tools to victims of online harassment. We work directly with our clients to reduce the emotional and financial distress this can have through such resources as counseling / crisis coaching with our in-house mental health professionals and financial and emotional support (through case management referrals and a donation to help pay for services).

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Rachel Quirico a.k.a. Seltzer is a host and sideline reporter for esports competitions around the world.  She started as a Team Fortress 2 player for PMS Clan, competed on a reality show called WCG Ultimate Gamer, the decided to parlay her on-camera experience into a role that would enable her to share her passion for competitive gaming with the world.

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SKYLLA is a grass-roots CS:GO tournament series with the aim to act as a proving ground for up and coming teams. Founded in March’16 by Petya “FoXy” Zheleva and Tom Lemke, SKYLLA gained popularity, due to its unique format, which allows women and men to play, with and against each other, in a safe tournament environment, while pursuing their competitive goals.

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Smash Sisters is a series of women’s crew battles featuring the Super Smash Brothers games. These events are designed to bring new and veteran Smash gals together in order to boost overall competitive participation. This is a progressive organization and format that is excited to adapt to the needs of women in a community that is always changing.

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