We are excited to be returning to the Diversity Lounge at PAX East in Boston from April 5 to April 8, 2018!

Please come by the table to say Hi and Take the GLHF Pledge to get one of our AnyKey pins.

PAX East also has a line-up of great panels featuring many of our AnyKey Affiliates and friends, all of whom support diversity and inclusion in their own gaming communities. Go show your support by stopping by to hear what they have to say.

Here are a few diversity-minded panels to put on your PAX East schedules:



How to Network When You’re Awkard as H*ck

1-2pm, Bumblebee Theatre

Featuring: Susan Arendt [Editor in Chief, GeniiOnline], Brittney Brombacher [Whiskey Lover, What’s Good Games], Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This], Nick Locapo [Magician (no, really, he is), Penguin Magic], Tanya DePass [Director & Founder, I Need Diverse Games], Jacqui Collins [Marketing & Events Producer, Adult Swim]


The Squeaky Wheel: Getting Noticed through Positivity

2-3pm, Bobcat Theatre

Featuring: Rich Weil [SVP, Global Operations, ModSquad, Inc.], Rick Heaton [Director, Community Activation, YellowPike Media], Linda Carlson [Director of Community Relations, Trion Worlds], Angela Kimzey [Community Manager, Turbine, Inc.]


Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers! #AllTheBs

3-4pm, Condor Theatre

Featuring: Kelly Wallick [Commanding Officer, Indie MEGABOOTH], Nigel Lowrie [Co-Founder / Partner, Devolver Digital], Edgar Serrano [Co-Founder /  Studio Director, Lienzo], Chris Remo [Co-Host | Designer/Composer, Idle Thumbs | Campo Santo], Robin Hunicke [Co-Founder/CEO, Funomena], Tanya X. Short [Captain, Kitfox Games]


I’m a Grill: How to Handle the Heat as a Female Streamer

5-6pm, Bobcat Theatre

Featuring: TheHaleyBaby [Streamer], SinfullyRiddling [Streamer], Friskk [Streamer], Cahlaflour [Streamer], Tyrynn [Streamer]


Trans-mission: The State of Trans in Gaming

6:30-7:30pm, Cuttlefish Theatre

Featuring: Sabriality [Social Media & Contributor, Overbuff/USA Today], Radiant G! [Animator/Developer/Artist, Radiant G!], Amanda Stevens [Managing Editor, SageGnosis, http://Chhopsky.tv], Erica Daniels [Hair stylist, public speaker, Curlew Green]




Equality Done Better: Using Data for an Inclusive Future

12:30-1:30pm, Bobcat Theatre

Featuring: Caitlin Dungan [PhD Candidate, Digital Rhetoric, George Mason University], Megan Hacker [Software engineer, Self]


Esports is for Everyone: Part 2

1:30-2:30pm, Arachnid Theatre

Featuring: Rydia Q Vielehr [Chief Event Organizer, StreetPass Boston], Doeboy [Twitch Streamer/Broadcasting Director, DoeboyHQ/Big Blue Esports], Rhoulette [Cosplayer, Rhoulette Cosplay], Luis Suarez [PG Stats Director, Panda Global], Chris DeAppolonio [Vice President, Triggerfish Games]


Contained Chaos: Managing Communities for LIVE games

3-4pm, Dragonfly Theatre

Featuring: Eric Pope [Community Developer, For Honor], Gabe Graziani [Community Developer, Ubisoft], Stephanie Bayer [Community Manager, Blizzard], Rebecca Ford [Live Operations & Community, Digital Extremes], Justin Kruger [Community Developer, Rainbow Six: Siege]


How to Broadcast Safely as a Marginalized Streamer

5-6pm, Cuttlefish Theatre

Featuring: Tanya DePass [Director, I Need Diverse Games], Brandon Harris [Broadcaster], ImperialGrrl [Twitch Partner], Jenna Saisquoi [Broadcaster], Adam Koebel [GM In Residence, Roll20], BlackOni [Artist, Podcaster, Content, Independent]


Building a Better Stream Community

8-9pm, Bobcat Theatre

Featuring: Tanya DePass [Director, I Need Diverse Games], Mike Laidlaw [Consultant, Independent], Mae Morrison [Content Creator and Community Specialist, Independent], Ruth Toner [Twitch, Senior Data Scientist], Bluejay [Content Creator, Independent]




Inner Demons: Anxiety and Depression in Gamers

11:30-12:30pm, Cuttlefish Theatre

Featuring:@actual_tonberry [Founder, Hyrule Hyrulia], @BrianLiberge [Tabletop Game Designer, Beer Star Games], @amandasgardner [Co-Founder/Writer, The Deep End Games], @cypheroftyr [Founder, I Need Diverse Games], @scandalous_mc [Writer/Badass Mom, Freelance], @WhyKaitlyn [Editor/Event Coordinator, Freelance]


A Discussion With Women In Esports

12:30-1:30pm, Bobcat Theatre

Featuring: Nicole Carpenter [Reporter, Dot Esports], Sabina Hemmi [Co-Founder & Product, Elo Entertainment, LLC], Victoria Rose [Dota 2 News Lead, Polygon (The Flying Courier)], Sabriel Mastin [Content Creator, Overbuff; USA Today (Overwatch Wire)], Amanda Stevens [Editor, Freelance Writer, Proving Grounds, Riot Games], Tatjana Vejnovic [Overwatch Wire via USA Today SMG, Senior Editor]


Queer Gamers Unite! Building Confidence To Take On Trolls

1:30-2:30pm, Arachnid Theatre

Featuring: Johnathan Gibbs [Founder, EiC, This QPOC Life, Edugaytion], Jo Lee [Music Artist, This QPOC Life, Big Apple Performing Arts], Carlos Rios [Logistics Coordinator, This QPOC Life, NYCGMC], Zachary Ares [News and Politics, This QPOC Life, BuzzFeed News], Tatjana Vejnovic [Senior Editor, USA Today Sports Media Group], MaryMartha Ford-Dieng [Lead Game Developer, The Ultimate Clapback]


We’re All Frauds! – Succeeding Through Self-Doubt

3:30-4:30pm, Bobcat Theatre

Featuring: Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD [Clinical Director, Take This], Kate Stark [Partnered Streamer, Twitch], Andrien Gbinigie [Product Marketing Manager, Ubisoft], Jacqui Collins [Marketing & Events Producer, Adult Swim Games], Sarah LeBoeuf [Writer / Editor, Freelance], Adam Rosenberg [Mashable, Weekend Editor & Senior Reporter]


Wafflecrew Tea Time Q&A

4:30-5:30pm, Dragonfly Theatre

Featuring: AnnaProsser [Lead Producer, Twitch, Misscliks], Commanderholly [Creator, CommanderHolly]




Esports Meets Academia: How to Build an Esports Program

11:30am-12:30pm, Bumblebee Theatre

Featuring: William Collis [Co-founder, Gamer Sensei], Tim Loew [Executive director, MassDigi at Becker College], TL Taylor [Professor, MIT], Kev Mitchell [Director of Business Development and Strategic Intelligence, National Amusements], William Lee [Student, Brown University], Nick Travis [Coach, OW at Gamer Sensei]


How to Make Your Straight White Male Protagonist Not Suck

1-2pm, Bumblebee Theatre

Featuring: Sam Prell [News Editor, GamesRadar], Sarah LeBeouf [Writer/Editor, Freelance], Amanda Farough [Writer/Editor, Freelance], Sabriel Mastin [Writer & Social Media, Overbuff], Samit Sarkar [Senior Reporter, Polygon], Alexa Ray Corriea [Host and Consultant, What’s Good Games]