Our latest paper is the product of several months of discussion with experts and stakeholders in the esports space. We asked players, tournament organizers, and community managers about their experiences with tournaments, their needs, what worked, and what doesn’t, particularly as pertains to matters of gender and inclusivity. We also talked to academics and advocates who study gender about the best frameworks for thinking through questions of inclusive tournament policy.

The result is this set of recommendations and best practices, written with the intention of being useful to ANY esports tournament organizer running any kind of event, not just women’s tournaments. For example, we include recommendations that organizations have a clear and visible Code of Conduct, that they set up moderation for any live stream, and that they consider diversity not just among players but also on their administration teams.

We also outline specific guidelines for running women’s tournaments, from what language to use, to how to address issues around participation and eligibility.

We invite esports organizers to consider these recommendations and adopt policies that will facilitate a better, more positive experience for players and administrators alike. As always, we welcome thoughts and feedback from the community.

Find our Best Practices and Recommendations for Inclusive Tournaments report HERE.