Come say hi to us at TwitchCon! Continuing the theme of inclusivity we began at TwitchCon 2016 with Inclusivity City, we are presenting the TwitchUnity booth this year! Thanks to partnerships with some amazing organizations, including Oculus, Intel, The ESA Foundation, and Anxiety Gaming, we will be the hub for several inspiring activities! We’ll also be hosting some of our Affiliate organizations and streamers in our meet-up area so they can connect with their communities in a space dedicated to diversity and inclusion at TwitchCon.

A couple things will be new in our lounge this year. There will be a dedicated space for photos and selfies thanks to the ESA Foundation’s “We Are…” exhibit. We have also invited Anxiety Gaming to do their “Letters to You” project in our booth. Similar to last year, several diversity organizations will be coming by to do outreach, and we will have a meet-up zone where communities can gather to put faces to usernames.

Check out our booth schedule for the full three days of TwitchCon activities and appearances. We have also noted some of the awesome panels featuring AnyKey friends and Affiliates.



1-3pm I Need Diverse Games -/- LGBTQIA Guild

3-4pm Ferociously Steph

4-6pm GaymerX -/- Black Guild 


PANELS   1:30pm  Streamers with Disabilities



12-2pm DeafGamersTV -/- LGBTQIA Guild

1:30pm Misscliks Meet-Up

2-4pm I Need Diverse Games -/- LGBTQIA Guild -/- Black Guild

3-4pm SimplyUndrea’s Community Meet-Up

4-5pm Ferociously Steph -/- Black Guild

5-7pm GaymerX -/- Black Guild 


PANELS   12pm  The Afterthought: Discussing Inclusivity on Twitch

                  1:30pm  The Gayest Panel at TwitchCon

                  5:30pm Esports Fireside



11-1pm DeafGamersTV -/- LGBTQIA Guild

1-3pm I Need Diverse Games -/- LGBTQIA Guild -/- Black Guild

3-4pm Games Researchers Meet-Up

3-5pm GaymerX -/- Black Guild


PANEL   3:30pm Being Political on Twitch


Come back through the weekend for updates and more details!