We are incredibly excited to be heading to Seattle for GeekGirlCon this year on Sept 31 & Oct 1. We’ve followed the cool event for awhile now and are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring AnyKey to it. GGC describes themselves as “an organization that works to empower women and girls to pursue their passions—whether they love science and technology, comics, literature, gaming, or anything else!” Sounds right up our alley!

We’re really happy to be partnering again with Lil Chin and Emily Sun to support bringing their amazing Smash Sisters initiative to the event where they will have a booth where you can come by, play, and perhaps even get involved in some friendly crew battles. They’ll also be featured on the Level 4 Gaming Stage showing Super Smash Bros on Saturday at 10:45am.

In addition to hanging out at the Smash Sisters booth and sharing a bit about what AnyKey does, we’ll have a panel entitled “Women in eSports: How to Get Involved in Competitive Gaming” at 11:30am on Sunday in Skagit (Lower Level) Room 2 – Samus. Morgan Romine, Lil Chen, Emily Sun, and T.L. Taylor will discuss how can women use their passion for gaming and get involved in the competitive space. We’ll explore being involved not just in playing but everything from organizing events, building local clubs, hosting or commentating, and much more.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account for giveaways and meetups at the event. Hope to see some of you there!